Album: Razalation E.P. (2011)

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Song: End Of Days (Feat. Sikk and Fat J)

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in 2004 raz was living with his dad in a small town named Strang. well one day in the early summer his dad brought him a old busted up Karioki machine and a cheep mic from walmart. at the time raz thought this was like a state of the art studio in a way, and spent tha next 2 weeks writing up lyrics for a album. after that he recorded his very first album under the name of The High Juggalo. his first album was named Whats Goin' Down L.P. wich he dubbed up around 60 copys of and passed out to his friends and family. then he went threw a few sperts that was determined to stop him from rappin. but in 2007 raz and his close homie fat j met mr. gurthy. They hit it off from the get go. well one day while drinking they started freestyling togather and decided to further they self and get signed onto a local promotional company, where they did shows till late 2010. but then they parted ways with the promo comp and joined up with Demon Logic Unltd. (DLU) and since then Raz The Sycho and Fonologikillz (fat j and mr gurthy) have been taking the underground by storm with the strong label that DLU has produced.